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Are you an insurance agent and looking for cancer insurance leads? Then make sure you have got efficient and enough information about cancer insurance essentials, so that you can properly guide your customers, who are in search of good reasonably priced cancer insurance. For the best cancer insurance leads, you can always opt for

As per a nationwide research conducted by American Cancer Society, uninsured people as well as consumers, who are enjoying Medicaid coverage, are more likely to be diagnosed for the disease in advance stages than those covered under private insurance. This is the reason why they have lesser chance of surviving cancer.

The research also revealed that African Americans were more susceptible to late diagnosis of cancer. Even after justifying for their excessively greater rates of going underinsured and uninsured.

The authors of this research think that this discrepancy could be the consequence of being less knowledgeable about health facts. Insufficient supply of insurance providers for the minority people is another reason for this difference.

Prior researches have revealed a relation between the patients' insurance status and stage of diagnosis for the disease. The latest study scrutinized 3.8 million people who got diagnosed over six years - from 1998 to 2004.

The research also found that the maximum difference was for cancers, which could be diagnosed at early stage by means of regular screening and evaluation of the symptoms. For instance,

  • Colon cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Lung cancer

For all these types, uninsured victims found themselves more likely to be detected in advance stages instead of early stage. Less difference was found for

  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Ovary cancer and
  • Pancreas cancer

The study also revealed that people, who are not covered under private insurance, are being left without optimal care in terms of proper and timely diagnosis or test for cancer as well as regular and timely follow-up with health care professionals. Unfortunately, this last-stage diagnosis is responsible for high rate of morbidity, poor standard of life, less survival and top of all amplified costs.

According to the chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, going without good and proper insurance increases the rate of suffering. However, every cancer specialist supports this view. All of them do not think that early diagnosis and optimal screening are the best answers.

Some of them think that in case of specific cancers like prostate cancer and melanoma, it could be a consequence of misdiagnosis, with the health care professional detecting and treating tumors which have never leaded to any serious problem. Sometimes, operations and medicinal therapies can also decrease a patient's lifetime.

Agents Are Go-To Person

If you are insurance agents, who sells the best quality and most reasonably priced services to your customers, then you could be the most sought after person for selling cancer insurance to the people suffering from cancer. Getting optimal care within budget is the preliminary and ultimate requirement to the people having cancer.

As per the report submitted by the American Cancer Society and the Kaiser Family Foundation, cancer victims face major pressures while it comes to pay for their life-saving treatment. Therefore, as a result they are more likely to run up huge debts, file for bankruptcy and moreover, often they discontinue their treatment; even when they are covered under private medical insurance.

The report is based on 20 cancer victims and highlighted the probable challenges people detected with cancer or any other serious health related issues have to face in continuing with reasonably priced health insurance and disbursing for their required and optimal healthcare.

Although these cancer victims were covered under private health insurance when they were diagnosed for cancer, they still had to face maximum out-of-pocket expenses. The ultimate result was huge debts happened to pay for their treatment costs, in some instance insisting them to stop or holdup required treatments.

As per the Drew Altman, the CEO and President for Kaiser Family Foundation, the stories of cancer victims in this research and video documentation demonstrate what the earlier study work revealed the country's insurance infrastructure repeatedly upsets people when they require it the most and when they get severely ill. Insurance agents can take advantage of this situation an find cancer insurance leads when they can offer required and most reasonably priced health coverage.

The research is based on five significant gaps in our healthcare system that leave cancer victims and other people with life-threatening health conditions in financial crisis due to the diagnosis of their disease.

  • Huge financial burden and limits on benefits place the cancer victims in a miserable situation. For an example, a Florida based woman had gone over $70,000 in debts when her breast cancer care costs crossed her insurance policy's annual upper limit;
  • People having employer-provided coverage may not have enough protection from disastrously higher healthcare expenses should they turn out to be too ill to go out for work. For an example, Texas based woman, who was no more able to go for work as she was undergoing advance stage of colon cancer. She missed her deadline which lead her to problems like paying insurance premiums and cost sharing of her little comprehensive individual insurance policy;
  • Cancer victims and the survivors often don't find enough and reasonably priced insurance coverage in the individual insurance market. almost 10 years after a Pennsylvania man was undergone treatment for his early cancer and still he is unable to get a cheap health insurance coverage and disburses almost 25% of the total family income for paying premiums for a high-deductible health insurance plan;
  • All cancer patients are not entitled for high-risk insurance pools; with a few finding the insurance premiums hard to be paid. As an example, an Idaho based breast cancer patient had experienced how high rates prevent her from getting coverage under a high-risk pool after detecting that her individual insurance policy disbursed a paltry sum of $260 for the radiation treatment;
  • Long waiting period, strict limitations on eligibility and belated application for the public programs can leave people in lurch, who are very sick to go for work without an reasonably priced insurance option. For an instance, cancer victims too sick to go for work may be qualified for Social Security Disability Insurance income and, after two years getting the money, may get qualified for Medicare coverage. During that waiting period, the victims often experience a reduced income and so may be unable to pay for private insurance coverage. A North Carolina based truck-driver has experienced this. He was not employed after being diagnosed of advance stage of renal cancer. He was entitled for SSDI advantages one year ago, but was not entitled to meet the criteria for getting Medicare coverage.
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