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Presently, there is much of cost control to be seen from both the employers and employees when it comes to health insurance leads. Due to bad recession, the cost to health care has risen inconsistently with inflation that has put pressure on workers as well as employers.

Sales agents looking to get health insurance leads should note that the present economic condition has put an increase in pressure on customer's purse. According to a recent study, the premiums for employer sponsored health insurance for family coverage has risen to $13,375 annually.

The same study points out that family premium have increased by 5 percent in 2009, whereas in case of inflation it is much lower (it has actually declined by 0.7 percent). The wages of workers saw an increase of 3.1 percent in the same year.

The last decade saw premium to rise by 131 percent on the whole, which was much faster than wages of workers (which rose up by thirty-eight percent) or inflation (twenty-eight percent). However, in the last couple of years, the yearly rise in premium has slowed down compared to the double-digit rise seen earlier.

The study found that health benefits offered by firms to their workers this year are 60 percent of the total cost. It is also seen that there are less inclination to provide health benefits among smaller firm owners (employing 3 to 9 workers).

It also came to limelight that 21 percent of firms providing benefits to health insurance leads had lowered the health benefit scope or else they had increased the sharing of cost due to economic meltdown. Fifteen percent said that they increased the share of premium of worker.

It was also found that the deductibles to health insurance leads were high for a large number of workers who were having coverage from their employer, in addition to payment of premiums. In 2009, twenty-two percent of workers who had the coverage had to spend a minimum of $ 1,000 themselves for single coverage before they could expect to get payment of a part of their health care bill.

Presently, the market for employer is filled with PPOs and they have 6 to ten workers in their roll. HMOs enrolls an additional ten percent in POS plans and eight percent plans that are of consumers, that are deductibles with high value and comes with tax benefit savings like HAS or HRA.

One thing is for sure. Agents should try to strike the right deal for policyholders to get the best health insurance leads to keep their business and trust.

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