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People want to go for the best financial deals as revealed by a survey conducted by Prudential Financial. The survey report has shown that 2/3rd of the total respondents like to have conventional life insurance; they feel that it's among the safer financial products available in the market.

Life insurance agents can get useful information about getting life insurance leads from this survey report. The survey report has shown that the current market situation insist a buyer to buy life insurance. However, less than 25% policyholders basically opt for reviewing their coverage.

According to Prudential Individual Life Insurance, last year's market led people to recess their requirements and cut down expenses as well. However, people understand that life insurance is something more than plain and simple death benefit.

The survey, which can help life insurance agents find fresh life insurance leads, has noted that nearly 30% of the buyers noticed that market condition reminded them about their coverage.

As a life insurance agent you may look for new life insurance leads. But, do you know that less than 25% consumers reviewed their life insurance coverage, while the number is even lower for those who have changed their insurance policies? Get the best life insurance leads from

While compared to one year and a half ago, 50% of the respondents are less convinced that financial products such as stocks or bonds or home equities they have accumulated will be sufficient for rest of their lives as well as will outpace price rises.

But, ultimately 78% respondents are confident that their life insurance death benefit will protect their family and dear ones as well.

As per the survey, unemployment is another challenge in this respect.

Over 33% respondents believe they need individual insurance coverage along with the coverage offered by their employers. However, over 50% have two times their yearly income or less apart from coverage they are offered by their employer.

Since the insurance agents look for life insurance leads, having knowledge of the view of the buyers will help in this venture.

Considering the pulse of American's Changing Life Insurance Needs asked 1000 people about the market recession, as well as their knowledge of having life insurance, their outlooks, ownership and what measures they have taken. The surveyed are a nationwide sample of female and male sole or joint heads of household between the age of 30 and 59, with a family income of 50,000 USD or more and minimum 25,000 USD in net savings and investments.

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