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How to Re-Evaluate Your Sales Strategy?

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How to Re-Evaluate Your Sales Strategy?

Every sales person has some strategies to reach his or her sales targets – the goal motivates you to keep working and giving it your best. Yet, even after your best efforts you may be falling short of reaching your target. This is the time you need to re-think and re-evaluate where you are going wrong and how to rectify the mistakes.

Doing some simple things can help you to know your weak areas and thereby take you closer to your goals.

  • Number of sales translates to your compensation. When you have a certain amount of compensation that you want to earn, you have to calculate the number of sales you need to make in order to reach that amount.
  • Set up the ways in which you reach out to your prospective clients – through emails, calls, messages etc. You have to schedule the number of emails you will send; calls you will make.
  • Daily targets for ways of engagement and closed deals will give you the exact number by which you are falling short. You need to have the list in front of you of the daily targets verses the actual number.
  • When you engage with a lead, you have to put down every detail in exact terms. Things like the requirement of the lead, his or her conditions, future plans and expectations of the prospective client etc. All this data will help you to understand the suitable product and the best possible terms.
  • Keep track of the rate at which you are able to convert and take it to the next level. You should have a clear picture of how many leads you contacted, how many of them asked for quotes, you met with how many leads and how many were closed.